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My Favorite Medium is Clay

Clay sculpture dates all the way back to Ancient times, well before 7th century BC. Terracotta was used during that time to made crude artifacts. Most of the earliest pieces of clay sculpture were figures of women and occasionally animals. Many clay works from Ancient times originated from the Greeks who used clay as art and as a means to share information and orders with the Greek people of the time.

An interesting fact about sculptors is that, unlike the painters and other artists of their time, they were seen as more of a tradesman and therefore weren’t lauded and praised as much as people using other mediums. In addition to not being seen as an established art form by all, the figurative sculpture was not accepted by some religions before the 19th century; even after the 19th century, there were still some restrictions like the inability to make your sculptures too large.

In more modern times, clay sculpting is seen as an art form again and is available to people from all walks of life. Many schools and colleges offer sculpture classes to spread knowledge of clay sculpture’s history and introduce people to the rewarding work of creating a sculpture. Clay is easy to work with so it’s great for anyone from beginners to seasoned artists. There is ceramic, oil-based, polymer, and paper clay, which are all used for different types of work. Some are used by hobbyists, some for crafting, and others for fine art. 







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